Sweet Harvest Sampling

Sample sweet fall inspired treats from local chefs at the 2017 CRG Companies FREE Home Harvest Fall Festival in Myrtle Beach this October, 21st at the Pelican’s Ballpark.

Vote For Your Favorite

A $2 donation to the Heroes For Children gets you a sweet treat and a vote for the best fall taste from one of our local bakeries.

Restaurants… Want to Get Involved?

There is no charge to enter and no rules or limitations on deliciousness just be sure a traditional fall flavor is included!

The Details:

  • Event attendees will purchase a raffle ticket from Home Harvest event staff that can be
    used to purchase a taste (one ticket per taste)
  • After sampling, guests will vote for their favorite treat Chef with the highest rankings wins the top prize!
  • Additional desserts can be prepackaged in full size quantities for purchase donating a portion or all sales to the Heroes For Children
  • There is no charge to enter! You simply need to supply your own table, product display and plenty of treats for tasting/selling!

Interested? Submit the form below & start baking!

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